Dear friends
the seconf project MUsic wards organized by our school SOU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak, Bulgariua just passed .It was great experiance again!
I fink that the contest gaive opportunity for students and teachers to shrae their talents and to approve their music skills.In this way all participants won and received benefit from their participation.We invite all of you to participate agian next school year and to win the special statue.
Next school year there will be more categories and more opportunities for the music talent of the students and teachers
Natasha Djurkova

Dear ALL Friends,
Thank you for a wonderful cooperation under the guidance of a perfect friend and a leader, Natasha. We are happy to be the second, thank you for the votes! Klara, who sang the song is also a pianist - it was her who played all the Polish music on our website.But we are all the winners - I am sure that this perfect project will be rewarded with National Labels and we can get a European Label together.
Natasha, you must be very proud of your students, the video led by Martin - simply wonderful. I guess he will be a clever speaker or a journalist, but may be an engineer as well.
Poland has a musical dedication for all of you.It is a "Warsaw Concert" by an English composer Addinsell" played by Klara, the same who sang.The title is connected with the Polish capital city Warsaw from the times of the second World war, which was supported by British pilots who helped the city to survive. But in this project we also created a kind of a family. We will miss you!!
Bozena, Poland

Hello Natasha and allcolleagues
Eric’s concern about the criteria is very correct. Thereare excellent works with great video clips, some with great choral music, otherswith wonderful music and dances in a traditional color, others very moving intheir effort etc.etc.
So yes Natasha I agree with you...Therecould be a prize for each category of the above.
Regardless of the result (gettingprice or not) the participation in the program is veryimportant.
Students expand their horizons andlearn to work together... I cannot tell you how excited are all my students who willhear music from so many countries and vote the best for them...
So thank you for the cooperationand well talk again very soon.
Elena Droukopoulou,Greece

Well done, Estonia. Congratulations to you from Slovenia. You've done a fantastic job.
Best wishes to you all

I would like to participate next year. If there will be more categories and I could send more videos it would be great.
I can send videos of very young children up to 16. Maybe we can try to find a song which is international and sing it
in our national language - such as jingle bells.
Alena Holasova- Czech REpublic

Hello everybody,
it was great to work with you all.
I hope to work with you again next year.
I agree to have more contacts via skype.
Congratulations to thewinners!!!!!!
The most important thing isto participate.
All videos were good inmy opinion even if very different one from the other and show the hard workeverybody has done.
So each one has a special value for me.
I agree, for next year,to give different prizes according to the different styles .
Paola, Italy

Great video! Congratulations from Hungary to the Winner, to the organisators and to the partners.
Thanks the nice moments!
Ibolya Seressne Barta,HUngary

Congratulations from Greece to all participants!!!!!!
It was a great experience for us all!!!!!! Greetings from Greece

Congratulations for the winners!
We want to participate again next year!
All the best for all of you from Romania!

Dear natasha
I do of course.Thank you for everything you have done Please add me to the list for next year
All the best