Dear partners,
the First step of the project is to CREATE SCHOOL PRESENTATION.

The presentation has to be Power point presentation or video

There are folders for each country. Upload your presentation in the

relevant for your country folder.In the same folder upload please photo of

your school and one photo of your project team.The photos will be nice to be in JPEG.
Second step will be creation of national music portrait- Power point presentation.We will collect all music portraits in one common e- book- European music culture.
School presentations and music culture national portraits has to be done to 15 of November.
In the same period will be created and one music culture game for students to play on line. There fore you can invite pupils in our twin space.
First meeting on line via Skype will be after 17 of November.
For Christmas each school will prepare a Christmas concert and will upload the video of it in our proejct space in the relevant for your country folder.
In January will create a video album with all concerts.

Music Awards
Next step- in December each school has to organize an internal contest for choosing one national song and performer from the students.
Teen the chosen song will be performed by national language and recorded as a video clip .
The video clips has to be ready and uploaded on the web page to the end of March.
IN April all participating students will watch all uploaded video clips.
The chosen song has to be represent also with word file with translation of the text in English.
To the end of April will let you know the right date later -will be the voting day when all partners will vote for the best video clip.

The rules are-each school will make internal voting and will let us know from which country is the video clip which receive in this school
maximum points.
Each school has no rights to vote for their own video clip!!!